Polling Place Changes

Precinct and Polling Place Changes

Precincts 042 and 081 have had a change to their polling places. Precincts 042 and 81 now vote at the Gymnasium at Southern University in Shreveport at 3050 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Shreveport.  This is due to the closing of the Newton Smith Visual/Performing Arts Middle School next door.

Precinct 140 has had a change to the polling place.  Precinct 140 now votes at the Belcher Village Hall at 411 Charles Street in Belcher.  Precincts 140 and 155 now share a polling place.

Precincts 146 and 150 have been merged by the Caddo Parish Commission.  There is no longer a Precinct 150; all voters in Precinct 150 are now in Precinct 146.  Precinct 150 votes at the Ida Means Community Center at 6955 Cedar Lane in Ida.