Questions Often Asked

What do I need to take with me when I go to the polls to vote?

Louisiana law requires a picture identification card to vote at the polling place. This can include a Louisiana driver’s license, a Louisiana Special ID card, or other generally recognized picture identification card. If you do not have a picture ID card, you may sign an affidavit which will be attached to the precinct register, and you will be required to provide further identification as requested by the Commissioner at the polling place.


How much does it cost to register?

Nothing. Registering to vote is a right afforded to you as a United States citizen by the Constitution of the United States. When must I register to vote before an election? (R.S. 18:135) Louisiana statutes require you to be registered 30 days prior to an election to be eligible to vote in that particular election.


If I move from another parish in Louisiana, do I have to register again?

In some cases, your registration can be transferred, but it is best to register every time you move to a new parish in Louisiana.


What are the recognized political parties in the State of Louisiana?

Democratic, Green, Independent, Libertarian, and Republican.


How can I change my party affiliation?

Your party affiliation can be changed by simply sending your Registrar of Voters a written note requesting your party change (including signature), or by completing another application. Please note: if you are changing your party right before an election, it must be done 30 days prior to an election. Party changes received after book closing for an election cannot be in effect until the next election.


Am I qualified to vote?

To qualify to register you must:
be a United States citizen
be at least 17 years old to register but must be 18 years old to vote
not be under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony
not be under a judgment of full interdiction or limited interdiction where your right to vote has been suspended
reside in the state and parish in which you seek to register and vote


Is there a difference between Clerks of Courts and Registrars of Voters?

Each parish has a Clerk of Court and a Registrar of Voters. It is the duty of the Registrar of Voters to maintain voting machines and to register voters. It is the duty of the Clerk of Court to manage the voting process. Clerk Of Court and Registar Of Voter list.


How do I register to vote?

Click here for voter registration information.

Will my ballot be counted?

Your ballot will be locked away until election day when it will be opened for counting. However, your ballot will not be counted if any directions were not followed completely, such as, signatures in appropriate place, witness signatures, too many marks on the ballot or arriving after the deadline. Please examine the ballot and all instructions closely before returning to ensure completeness.

Can a family member serve as witness for my ballot?


Can I vote my ballot immediately upon receipt or must wait?

Your ballot can be voted immediately and returned to the office of the Registrar at any time prior to the deadline. It will not be counted until election day.