Constitutional Amendment
All Voters will be able to vote on this issue

Act 425 (2011 Regular Session) adds Article VII, Section 2.3.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment prohibits the levy of a new tax or fee after November 30, 2011, upon the sale or transfer of immovable property, including documentary transaction taxes or fees, or any other tax or fee, by the state of Louisiana, by a political subdivision whose boundaries are coterminous with those of the state, or by a political subdivision, as define in Article VI, Section 44(2) of this constitution. Further provides that a documentary transaction is any transaction pursuant to any instrument, act, writing or document which transfers or conveys immovable property.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment provides that after November 30, 2011, fees for the cost of recordation, filing or maintenance of documents, or records effectuating the sale or transfer of immovable property, impact fees for development of property, annual parcel fees, and ad valorem taxes are not considered prohibited taxes or fees upon the sale or transfer of immovable property.