IN PERSON EARLY VOTING ENDS for Nov. 19th Election

Last Saturday was the final day for in person early voting in Louisiana for the Nov. 19th election. Caddo recorded 246 in person voters on Saturday which was the biggest turnout day for early voting for the November election. Another 182 by mail ballots were received.
Here are the totals through Saturday for both in person and by mail voting:
1664 ballots…991 Democrats…552 Republicans…121 Other/ No Party…927 white…715 black…22 other…681 males…982 females…969 In Person voters and to date…695 by mail . The deadline for civilian by mail ballots is Friday, Nov. 18th while military ballots can be received until the polls close on Saturday. Over 2,000 ballots have been mailed by the Caddo Registrar’s staff.