Caddo Mobile Voter Registration Drive Successful– Log On:

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: CADDO VOTER REGISTRATION UPDATE 2pm 11-2-09 It was a very successful mobile voter registration drive for Caddo parish that just ended on October 30th, 2009.  

The just-ended registration efforts at the various Shreve Memorial branch libraries prompted Caddo Registrar of Voters Ernie Roberson to remark, “I’m pleased with the amount of changes, new registrations and information conveyed to the public during the 50-stop months-long effort.”
Roberson continued, “Voter registration interest is usually cyclical based on the proximity to a major election. Since no major elections were held in 2009, we did not have a major influx of new registrations. However, we did supply a lot of mail in applications for folks to either register or change info on their current registration.”

“Plus we did get a lot of questions about party primaries, elections schedules for next year and address inquiries. All of that pays off in educational value,” Roberson stated.
Roberson also was pleased that many voters commented on and are becoming aware of the website for the Registrar’s office. “It is helping us convey more info 24/7 and thats what we want from our website, ” Roberson added.
The Registrar’s office is planning another major registration blitz next spring prior to the 2010 elections for U.S. Senator, Congress, Shreveport mayor and City Council with the Caddo School Board. Most of the sites will be Shreve Memorial library locations with other sites being reviewed, too.
“Hopefully by next year we will have some more interest and other community organizations helping us with voter registration activities, ” Roberson commented. Such community groups have been succesful in previous years.  Roberson encouraged any groups wanting to work in that realm as non-paid volunteers to contact his office for more info at 226-6891.